Calm - Premium 5% CBD Oil Drops

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AVER CBD is derived from the highest quality Colorado grown hemp and is combined with a unique formula of terpenes (essential plant oils) that help target the effect of CBD by enhancing the “entourage effect”.

The perfect blend of functional remedies to return your mind and body to a state of balance.

Permission to relax, to help you unwind and decompress.


- Highest quality CBD oil with added terpenes

- Colorado grown hemp

- For CBD use during the day.

- 15ml (30 Servings) Tincture: 750mg CBD

- 30ml (60 Servings) Tincture: 1500mg CBD


Fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil), Cannabidol (5%), Calming terpene blend (1%): Myrcene, Caryophyllene,Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene,Linalool, Terpinolene.

This product also contains naturally occurring CBC, CBG, CBDA and terpenoids.

How to take it:

- 1 serving = 1/2 full pipette (~25mg)

- Hold for 1-2 minutes under the tongue for max absorption.

- Do not exceed 200 mg of CBD per day/ 24hr period.