What’s so good about a CBD coffee?

There are lots of CBD products on the market today, ranging from oils, tinctures, lotions, vapes etc, and no doubt there will be lots more innovative products hitting the market. However, different products suit different peoples needs. We developed a CBD infused coffee for a reason, and I’m going to outline why our product might be best for you.


Coffee and CBD have a synergistic effect when consumed together. Medical research has shown that caffeine and CBD activate some of the same receptors in the brain. Have you ever had the coffee jitters? After a big cup of morning ‘wake me the hell up’ coffee I know that I personally have a few hours of the jitters and can notice it as soon as I start typing away at my laptop. The amazing thing about CBD coffee is that the CBD can take the edge off this effect by acting on those same brain receptors that cause the jitters in the first place. This synergy then amplifies the alertness while taking the edge off the sometimes harsh effects of caffeine.

Also, CBD has actually been shown to increase concentration levels, so a CBD coffee should make your start to the day even better, right? This occurs because CBD increases the flow of serotonin to the brain which causes increased concentration and reduced anxiety.


As you may know, CBD usually comes in the form of an oil, which doesn't mix well with liquids. The good news is, that in our formulation we have used a water soluble CBD, so we were able to use it in our coffee, giving you a more consistent mix of CBD throughout your morning brew. Now, when CBD is ingested it is much more easily absorbed into the body and has a much slower release time. Therefore, more of the goodness is absorbed in the digestive process, giving you the most bang for your buck.


So, if you have used any CBD oils in the past, you probably know that there is a pretty distinct (perhaps unpleasant) taste you get from putting a few drops under the tongue. This is one of the main pain points that we found when we were actually using CBD oils in the past. However, our water soluble CBD is actually tasteless, meaning you can enjoy your daily dose of CBD without pulling funny faces in the mirror after your CBD drops. Not only this, but we’ve put our CBD into a delicious tasting coffee, brewed with Colombian coffee beans and a hint of Madagascan Vanilla, now that’s how CBD is meant to taste!


If you're running on a busy schedule most days of the week, what’s the chances of you forgetting to take your CBD for the day? Pretty high right? (no pun intended). Well never again, as our CBD coffees are served up in a convenient glass bottle, ready for you to grab straight from the fridge just as you're leaving the house, or to pick up somewhere along your journey from one of our stockist’s around the UK. Now that’s convenient, right. The accessibility of your CBD has just increased to a new level. Stressed out during the day at work? Just grab a glass of Hamilton Street Cold Brew.


So that pretty much sums up why we think our CBD coffees are the best way for you guys to get your health on. Oh, I nearly forgot, our coffees are only 6 calories, are vegan friendly, gluten free, sugar free and fat free too! Now that’s what I call a coffee…

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