What is CBD? The basics and the benefits

There’s no denying CBD’s prevalence within the world of health and wellness over the last year or so. Consumers everywhere are trying the product in one form of another, from facials to our very own cold brew coffee. The substance and its use have been around since the 1940s, but what exactly is CBD? 

The Basics

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is the natural and non-psychoactive ingredient found in the Cannabis plant. It’s a naturally occurring substance that does not have the same effects as THC (the major active ingredient in marijuana), and will not get you ‘high’; making it totally safe and legal.

The oil is extracted from the plant and becomes the popular ingredient found in many of today’s wellness products.


CBD alone does not cause a ‘high’ 

What are the benefits?

CBD has grown in popularity for a reason – its ability to ease symptoms of various physical and mental conditions. While the benefits and extent of this are very individualistic, there have been so many success stories, from CBD helping to ease every day anxiety to ensuring a better night’s sleep, or relaxing muscle pains in chronic illness sufferers to reducing menstrual pains.

The medical status of CBD has been questioned from country to country, but there is an increased use of it in medicines, including those that treat epilepsy. It won’t be surprising to see the substance featured in a lot more medicines over the next few years.


What’s the best way to take CBD?

Using CBD, as mentioned above, is a really individual process. The dosage is something that you need to work out for your own needs, trialling small amounts first and gradually increasing the amount over time depending on how you find it.

There’s also a variety of ways that you can consume CBD, whether through a vape, edible or ointment. The differences in these are the speed of delivery and how long you can expect the effects to last. Vapes provide relief faster but this wears off quicker too, while an edible takes longer to work but last around five hours. If you’re looking for more localised muscle relief, then ointments can provide this.

The effects of our coffee, providing a quick on-the-go solution to taking the oil, start to show within 10-20 minutes and you can feel the benefits for a couple of hours.

CBD is best understood to work when consumed regularly, so with any of these methods, the more frequently you use them, the more effect they will have over time. We suggest you have a Hamilton’s no more than once a day.


The more frequently you use it, the more effect it will have


Things to remember

It’s really important to remember, as with any medicinal product, that works for one person may not have the same result with you. So take your time with figuring out how it can help you.

Check the dosage on every product you take, it may be a lot more than you require. Similarly, if you’re taking any other medications, check with a medical professional before taking CBD.

When buying any type of CBD, make sure that it is a credible product that follows good manufacturing processes. Have a read of all of the ingredients in the product too, there may be some others in there that you should read up on before taking!



So there’s a quick summary of the basics and benefits! If you have any more questions about CBD then let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.

DISCLAIMER: We are not providing any medicinal claims about our products or medical advice. We are merely sharing knowledge commonly available from other sources on the internet.

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